company КЕМ LTD operates in the sphere of repair and construction. It has passed a  long way from a small company to a complex design and construction organization and during this period of time the company has proved to be a reliable business partner.

Today we offer full range of design and construction services. Employees of our company together work as a creative team of specialists with higher education and experience in the field of design and construction of sites with different level of complicity. Our specialists continuously improve their professional level by participating in specialized international seminars and conferences. In carrying out  of different works our specialists use the most advanced technological methods.

We have necessary capacity, experience and resources in order to carry out any work starting from design up to implementation. We are always ready to agree on mutually beneficial prices.


The company КЕМ LTD is able to complete any task thanks to the following advantages:

– Using of design and construction processes in the company allows to achieve the highest results in relation witn the quality and delivery period at a reasonable price. 

– Company staff possess higher education and great experience.

– The company has its own modern material and technical supply base. During its existence the company has built continuous relations with the manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials and equipments. This allows to acquire materials and equipments of proven quality at reasonable conditions within short period of time. 

– Specialists of our company visit local and foreign exhibitions, seminars, conferences by improving their professional level. 

– By cooperating with us, You will be able to control the process of design, construction and delivery of sites. Customers are always happy to work with a company which carries out complex tasks, rather than with several «team of masters».

– Reasonable prices and high quality are realized by the professional staff of the company through optimization of overhead charges and continuous accounting and control work carried out by engineering and technical staff.


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